Wig on prescription

Get your prescription wig in just 3 easy steps !

Do you need a hair extension or a wig for health or illness reasons? As a partner of all health insurance companies, we support you in redeeming your prescription for a wig or hairpiece. We take care of all the billing with your health insurance company for you, so that you can comfortably concentrate on your well-being.

  • Step 1: Choose up to 3 wigs

Take your time to select up to three wig models from our range. Order this conveniently on account and indicate in the order instructions that you would like to order the wig on prescription. The wigs will be delivered to you within a few days with our reliable shipping partner DHL.

  • Step 2: Submit the health insurance prescription

Decide on a wig or wigs and please send us the original signed prescription along with the wigs to be returned. Please note that we cannot accept copies of prescriptions as these are not recognized by health insurance companies. Make sure you personally sign the prescription on the back.

Important innovation for billing with substitute health insurance companies from February 1st, 2022

In addition to your shipment, you will find 2 important documents that you absolutely must fill out and sign in order to be able to carry out the billing correctly. If the documents are not included in your shipment, please use the following link to provide the signatures digitally: These documents are the declaration of additional costs and the confirmation of advice .

  • Step 3: Billing with your health insurance company

As soon as we have received your prescription for the ordered wigs or hairpieces, we will immediately contact your health insurance company and carry out the settlement. If the price of the wig or hairpiece you have selected exceeds your health insurance fund's approved cost, we will mail you a separate invoice for the difference.

With this system, you don't have to pay a moment up front when you buy your wig. Of course, you also have the option of personally billing your health insurance company. In this case, however, you would have to pay in advance until the health insurance company has transferred the amount for the hair replacement in the form of wigs and hairpieces.

We are happy to answer all your questions about the purchase on account or by prescription. Write to us at: info@nogibeautyshop.de

* Please note that if we do not receive the prescription along with the required documents within the cooling-off period, we will have to charge you for the full cost of the goods.

Where can I get a prescription?

Many people are entitled to financial support to purchase a wig or hairline as part of medical treatment. In order for him to be able to assert this, however, he needs a corresponding prescription.

Such can be from:

  • oncologists
  • dermatologists
  • gynecologists
  • internal medicine doctors
  • general practitioners

to be issued.

What may be just a piece of paper in the form of a prescription for some people is a key to a better quality of life for those affected.

This is why it is so important that doctors educate their patients about their rights and options when it comes to buying a wig or hairline.

When can a wig/hairline be prescribed?

There are several treatments that doctors can use to prescribe a wig or hairline.

These are:

  • chemotherapy
  • irradiation
  • circular hair loss
  • hereditary or age-related hair loss.

If there are corresponding findings, it is irrelevant whether the patient is a child or an adult.

How much do the health insurance companies pay for the wig/hairline?

The basic rule is: no health insurance company will cover the entire cost of a wig or hairline. The amount of financial support depends on the diagnosis.

It is therefore all the more important that this is noted on the recipe as precisely as possible. The document should therefore always state whether the hair loss is permanent or foreseeable over time.

Furthermore, different specifications and support models apply with regard to synthetic and human hair and in connection with wigs for children and adults.

In order for patients to be able to obtain detailed information about their rights, it is important to always deal with the services of the respective health insurance company.

health insurance


Subsidy for artificial hair

grant interval

Maximum subsidy for human hair

grant interval

AOK Baden-Württemberg 0800 26 52 965 220 €, for special diagnoses 360 €* every 12 months* 980-1140* 12 months for special diagnosis*
AOK Bavaria 0800 2246465 250-350€* every 12 months* 720€* 12 months for special diagnosis*
AOK Hesse 0800
205€* every 12 months* 1025.00€*

12 months for special diagnosis*

AOK Lower Saxony 0800 0265637 360€* every 12 months* - -
AOK Northeast 0800 2650800 360€* every 12 months* 910€* 12 months for special diagnosis*
AOK Northwest 0800 26 55 000 360€* every 12 months* - -
AOK Rhineland/ Hamburg 0800 2246465 360€* every 12 months* - -
AOK Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland 0800 47 72 000 300€* every 12 months* - -
AOK Plus 0800 10 59 000 310€* every 12 months* 910€* every 12 months for special diagnosis*
AOK Saxony-Anhalt 0800 22 65 726 102.26€* every 12 months* - -
Barmer GEK 0800 33 31 010 €419.40* every 6 months* 1093.34* every 12 months*
BIG directly healthy 0800 54 56 54 56 €380.80* every 12 months* 915€* every 12 months*
BKK Bahn 0800 22 46 255 350€* every 12 months* 1290€* every 12 months*
BKK Mobil Oil 0800 25 50 800 €386.28 every 6 months* €905 every 12 months*
BKK Novatis 0800 66 48 233 €360.00* every 12 months* - -
BKK pronova 0441 92 51 38 49 49 €340.00* every 12 months* special diagnosis necessary* -
DAC 040 32 53 25 555 €419.40* every 6 months* 1093.34€* every 12 months*
HEK 0800 02 13 213 €419.40* every 6 months* 1093.34€* every 12 months*
IKK Brandenburg & Berlin 0800 88 33 244 392.70€* every 12 months* special diagnosis necessary* -
IKK Classic 0800 455 11 11 €350 every 12 months* 905€, for follow-up care 833€ every 12 months*
IKK healthy plus 0800 85 79 840 €290.00* every 12 months* special diagnosis necessary* every 12 months*
IKK North 0800 45 57 378 €368.90* every 12 months* - -
IKK Southwest 0800 01 19 119 €290.00* every 12 months* €590.00* every 12 months*
KKH 0800 55 48 64 05 54 €419.40* every 6 months* 1093.34€* every 12 months*
miners' 0800 0200501 350€* every 12 months* - -
Securvita 040 38 60 800 €290.00* every 12 months* - -
Siemens BK 0800 072 572 570 00 590€* every 12 months* - -
TC 0800 285 85 85 €419.40* every 6 months* 1093.34€* every 12 months

* Please note that all grants and information are non-binding. There is a possibility of changes, deviations and exceptions in the approval of benefits. The data presented here is based on our own experience and determined subsidies. If you are not exempt from the statutory co-payment, an amount of €10 will be deducted from all grants.

We work together with all statutory health insurance companies as contractual partners. If your health insurance company is not listed in the table, we can still bill you. If you have any questions about health insurance subsidies that are not listed, you are welcome to contact us on +0441 18002566 or ask your health insurance company directly.