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Partial monofilament - whorl

Some love them, others hate them. And yet one thing remains undisputed: the twirl is one of the most unmistakable indicators that a hairstyle can be regarded as "real".

It is precisely at this point that partial monofilament swirl hairpieces come into play. They are characterized by one (or more) integrated swivels and thus clearly stand out from other models.

In any case, it is worthwhile to compare the individual models with each other. Because: the different wigs differ in terms of the number, but also in connection with the position of the pegs.

The monofilment material lies close to the scalp in the corresponding area and lets it shine through. This creates a more natural effect that can be used in connection with a wide variety of hairstyles.

Whether you have short, medium or long hair, a twirl can look incredibly authentic. Accordingly, there's no reason not to incorporate this endearing detail into the world of wigs, is there?

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