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Partial monofilament - apex

Crowns are not only modern, but can also be worn in a wide variety of positions. But it doesn't matter whether you have a center or side parting: equipped with the right wig, the different hairstyle creations are no longer a problem!

Of course, it is particularly important in this context that the parting area does not appear artificially.

Partial monofilament wigs with parting use a special material that is virtually invisible when it comes into contact with the scalp.

Accordingly, you benefit from a completely natural parting look, which can of course also be emphasized with various hair accessories. Since your own scalp shines through in the appropriate place, the result is a completely harmonious overall picture that authentically underlines your look.

Parting hairstyles are more popular than ever these days. Accordingly, there is no reason not to incorporate them into modern wigs.

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