Erweiterter Filmansatz - Nogibeautyshop

Extended film approach

An extended film approach offers the wearer of a wig a high degree of flexibility and the possibility, for example, of easily realizing hairstyles with and without bangs.

Since the modern film approach is as good as invisible, you have the opportunity to work here individually and to create exactly the hairstyle variants that best suit your type - regardless of whether you have decided on a short or a long hair variant .

The individual hairs are securely and firmly fixed to the extended film roots and can be styled in all directions from here.

Especially if you have decided against the classic fringe, for example, and want to comb your hair out of your face very often, you should always opt for a model with a modern film approach. As a rule, you do not have to worry about your counterpart noticing an approach that may appear unnatural.

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