Weft wigs convince, among other things, with a customer-friendly price-performance ratio. This type of wig is available in a wide variety of variants. The principle behind this classic hairpiece is easy to explain: the hair, which has been cut accordingly, is attached to the said wefts with the help of a sewing machine.

After that, the wefts only have to be fixed to the hairnets. Complete!

The fact that weft wigs are less expensive to produce is one of the reasons why the prices here are cheaper than other hairpiece models.

Modern wefts are characterized by a still convincing wearing comfort. Many customers also alternately use different models to provide a little more variety. In short: this type of wig is a wonderful - and cheap - alternative to the monofilament version. The wide range of wefts makes it possible to find exactly the model that best suits personal taste (and type) for everyone.

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